CcS introduces an Instant Transaction Framework

The CcS Tip and Trade Framework is an instant transaction solution that is easy to use and easily scale-able. The CcS Tip and Trade can easily be imported in your community and your users can instantly benefit from the advantages of the CcS Tip and Trade Framework.

For Social Messenger platforms like Telegram we use a bot that allows you to Tip and Trade with other users that are on Telegram. For Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube we will be using web browser widgets and other advanced technology that will give users the functionality to interact and transact with other users that are already on the CcS Tip and Trade Network.

Projects and companies that have created an cryptocurrency asset have the ability to claim an listing on the platform. There is a variety of ways how projects could earn an listing on our platform. We support voting competitions, bounty listings, occasional lucky draws and premium listings for projects that want to list on the CcS Tip and Trade platform.

Essentially the goal is to support a wide variety of assets and provide the user-base a qualitative high end tipping, airdropping and trading solution with ease of use within an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with.

Social Media Stimulation

The CcS Tip and Trade stimulates social media interaction drastically thanks to its social sharing functionalities.

Message Transaction Solution

Send cryptocurrencies directly via instant messages to your friends, family or business partners with ease of use.

Instant Deposit and Withdraw

The CcS Tip and Trade has an instant deposit and withdrawal functionality allowing you to have full control of your cryptocurrency assets.

SSL / CloudFlare Encrypted

Enjoy the highest security via the multilayered protection precautions of the CcS Tip and Trade Framework that encrypts via multiple gateways.

Solution for Vendors and Spenders

Transact or accept high quality cryptocurrencies directly for products and services via the CcS Tip and Trade Gateway.

Token Trade Transactions

Instantly swap tokens at the CcS Tip and Trade open orders section and select any available offer or add your own.

Experience social sharing interaction at its best

Tip and Trade is designed to fit the needs
of everyone in a single environment

Sending cryptocurrencies has never been easier

Tips and Trade is a "One Stop Shop" for Sending, Receiving, Spending and Trading.

The Tipping Experience
Send by Kyra Wang

/tip 0.1 BTC

Sheila Jackson received it

Received 0.0995 BTC

Sheila Jackson:

Thanks Kyra

Transaction completed

Tips and Trade currently supports the following assets on its environment:

Exchange your tips for products and
services via the CcS Marketplace

Start using CcS Tip and Trade today!