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MUXE is a one-stop platform that facilitates from buying your Dream Home, to getting Rental income from your extra space, inspired with latest Interior Design tips, sourcing best Maintenance contractors for your property to ordering Home Improvements to spruce up your current pad.

This is easily navigated by MUXE interactive platform that can help even the average users to find their needs adopting latest technology on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps. With these tools, it will help the user to make important decisions better in a secured P2P platform.

List, Search, Secure, Settle

MUXE interactive platform adopts the latest technology on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps.

Unique UX/UI

We introduce a fresh and unique solution to the market that has never seen before.

MUXE Currency

Buy goods securely, based on smart contracts & blockchain technology.

MUXE is the innovative platform that uses Blockchain technology to allow

users to LIST, SEARCH, SECURE and SETTLE all your Real Estate needs.

1 MUXE = 0.002 USD

  • Name: MUXE

  • Fixed Limit: 15,500,000 USD

  • Soft Cap: 650,000 USD

  • Exchange: 0.002 USD = 1 MUXE

  • Currency: USD, EUR, ETH, BTC and more

  • Min Purchase: 100 USD / 50.000 MUXE

  • Starts: July 10 (00:00 AM)

  • Ends: 5th of October (00:00 AM)

Token Allocation

Details of our token and fund distribution

Fund distribution

  • Price $0.002
  • Hard Cap $15.5M
  • Soft Cap $650K
  • Token Sale 7B
  • Total 10B

Token distribution

  • Public Sale
  • Bounty/Airdrop
  • PRE-ICO Allocation
  • Team and Advisors
  • 7 Billion Token Sale
  • Partnership Tokens

MUXE Token Price
0.002 USD

Tokens Distributed

Supported Countries

Max Supply tokens

Public Sale tokens

Blockchain Type
ERC20 Smart Contract

Team behind MUXE

Get to know the people that are working on MUXE

Jaimy de Vries

Founder | CEO

Justin Wilms

Co-founder | CFO

Patrick v. Wanrooy

Co-founder | HR

Frank Jurjen A


Enis Abazi

Co-management | Sales

Antonio C. Benavides

Business Development Management

Silvano Soares

Project Manager

Jelle Posthuma

Software & Web

Aviv A

Sales | Marketing

MUXE Advisor Aviv A

Roland Kolb

Plugin Developer

Kingsley Ennis

BD Advisor

Max Ng

ICO Advisor

Kevlin Olthof

Marketing Advisor

Vikas Dhanraj

Fintech Advisor

Delano Langedijk

Growth Hacker

Stephen Schedra

Visual | Vocal Advisor

Jocelyn Ojinal

Community Management

Frans Hoogerwerf

Community Support

Niels Petra

Community Support

Luuk Wenselaar

Community Support

Danica J Macaraeg

Social Media Support

Press release

News releases, media releases, press statement, video releases and more

Partners and Consultants

Some of the companies and professionals that we work with

ICO Listings

Some of the reviews that we have received from the best rating sites


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Our Blog

Read more about our project and latest announcements in our blog.

Project Documents

Review the documents below to get a better understanding of our plans for the future of
the MUXE platform.

Most questions should be answered in the documents below. In case you have any other questions you can contact us via