MUXE Won a free Exchange listing in the Voting Competition of Evimeria

MUXE won a free exchange listing on Evimeria via the voting contest

MUXE has won yet another voting completion. We are now also listed on Evimeria exchange.

This has been a success through our MUXE and Lomostar collaboration. It has once again shown the unity of our MUXE members and their huge support that could have made this possible. Our MUXE members and team have worked hard the past weeks to ensure we made every possible effort to win with honors. There were challenges as in all competitions, but our MUXE members and team have shown great strength, dedication and commitment to get where we are now.

MUXE management would like to thank our community, members and the individuals who helped out in so many ways to make MUXE a success. The journey is still long but we are focussed and on track. Each day We grow in strength and gain more experience with our team. We hope to bring MUXE to higher level each day and continue to increase our value as a business and token.

MUXE and LoMoStar partnered together to win the Evimeria voting contest

We have shown once again in a voting competition that MUXE project connection with LomoStar application is already legendary and that both extraordinary communities united can actually suppose a big juggernaut. We really consider it as a 1st position victory and we will always see the so positive said of the great result we have achieved this time. We will be grateful forever to LomoStar, our relationship and influence there is incredible so we have to congratulate all the people who are there every day controlling and making the application even better than yesterday. A fabulous work is being done out there of course!

Evimeria on MUXE Checklist of Exchanges

With Evimeria on our checklist now it’s time to look for new horizons and new goals to achieve in order to benefit the project and its community as much as possible. We count on you anytime to continue showing everybody who we are and how we do things. The whole MUXE project is just already unstoppable. Congratulations to every single magnificent community and team member. You all are amazing! Fabulous job! Let’s go for more all together, lets eat the world, let’s break walls and open new doors. As Mattie Stepanek said: “Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Thanks everyone for the immense support!
We will list the Evimeria Logo on our Homepage

Help LoMoStar Win the next Evimeria voting round

We would like to ask everyone to keep on voting for LMC in The Evimeria Voting Competition in future rounds. Thank you very much for all your support it is highly appreciated.