How Does it Work

Step 1

Read the information below to get a better understanding.

Step 2

If you want to start your own team or soloplayer round sign up here.

Step 3

Get sales and start unlocking great bonuses based upon the number of tokens.

In case you haven't joined the Affiliate Race yet you may want to consider signing up as soon as possible in order to unlock amazing bonuses. The objectives of the game are fairly easy. The game has 2 methods:

"Single player and Multiplayer"

The objectives of the different gameplay methods are exactly the same. The world map has 15 unlockables everytime you reach the levels requirements you unlock the reward for yourself or team. (keep in mind that if you participating as a Singleplayer in the competition the prize pool will only contain 10% of the Multiplayer Teamplay Method.

In case you are playing in the Multiplayer mode and are not part of a team yet you should sign up on the form below, or join an existing team captain's team.

In case you are playing in the Single player mode you can sign up on the form below and select the Single Player Method. After you signed up you can immediately start.

There are several methods to obtain points in the Affiliate Race. In case you are participating in the multiplayer version with one of the existing team captains then you will have the option to use one of the discount coupons. Every time a team captains discount coupon code is submitted the number of tokens that are purchased will be submitted to the team.

Another way of earning points in the affiliate race is to get your friends & family to purchase MUXE tokens. They can add your username Referral ID that you submitted in the sign-up form. Every purchase that is being done via your referral tag will give you the number of points that equal the amount of tokens.

There are 2 ranking systems in play: level 1 - 9 and level 10 - 15

Both ranking systems are completely different.

Level 1-9: Every time you reach a level the points for the next level will reset. For example, level 1 requires 200.000 points and level 2 requires 550.000 points. You will need to score a total of 750.000 points to unlock both levels

Level 10-15: Now that you have reached level 10 things become more interesting. All points you earn from here on will stay when you move to the next level. Level 10 requires 9.500.000 points and level 11 requires 12.500.000 points. You only have to reach the difference between level 10 and level 11 and so on to go to the next level.

Entry to any Competition may only be made in accordance with the specified instructions for entry published in print or online in conjunction with the Competition.

It is not allowed to join multiple teams. It is also not allowed to switch teams. Once you have selected the team and got approved by the Team captain. It is also not allowed to join multiple times we will check all connections on multiple account creation, registration details or any of such attempts.

Only one entry per person per Competition is allowed (except where the Competition Notice states that more than one entry can be submitted) and any entrant who enters more than the permitted maximum will be disqualified. Unless otherwise indicated photocopies of entry coupons are not accepted.

Where a winner has been selected and MUXE BV discovers or has reasonable grounds to believe the winner has made more than one Entry, MUXE BV reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Any further winner will be selected on the same criteria as the original winner and will be subject to these Rules.

Even though we cannot predict the future and any unexpected causes in life may decide your availability. We hope that all involved people understand that there is a limit to the number of teams and involved players. We, therefore, hope that everyone respects the game and support their team to their fullest possibility.

Team captains may decide to purge team members in case they: Abond the rules, don't help with the requirements or shows bad unsupportive behavior.

Purchases and Prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any cash alternatives in whole or in part. This also goes for any purchases made during the match for extra team points.

The Editors reserve the right to change the rules applicable to any Competition or to void any Competition at any time and for any reason. In the event that any Competition is so voided, all entries fees will be returned. In the event of an error of any nature howsoever caused and whether obvious or otherwise which affects a Competition in any way, Editors reserve the right to administer the Competition as though the error had not occurred. Where Editors deem it appropriate and/or feasible Reach will notify entrants of the error and correct it either through the newspapers or through any other suitable medium.

Winners may be requested to take part in promotional activity and MUXE BV reserves the right to use the names and addresses of winners in any publicity both in paper and online.

We expect everyone to respect the rules and follow the required behavior.

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