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Ecommerce Innovation by MUXE

Vendors are able to list Products, Services but also Digital Goods and Digital Services meaning that CcS Is  the first Marketplace to cross combine the best of  both worlds and also the best of both payment solutions.

This means that everyone is able to do promote or start their business on  The CcS Marketplace platform and that there is a solution for every customer/vendor whether that is via traditional or modern/futuristic techniques and implementations.

The CcS Marketplace is a one stop shop that allows both vendors and shoppers to find their total solution at one ecommerce platform. Whether your selling furniture, lamps and lights, garden equipment or computer hardware materials. The CcS Marketplace provides a solution to every vendor or shopper globally around the world.

Currently the MUXE.MARKET is functioning as a prototype of the CcS Marketplace.

  • Global Marketplace for Vendors around the world
  • Buy or Sell anything with FIAT and Cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange your Airdrops for Products and Services
  • Social Share your cryptocurrencies with anyone
  • Earn commission from any product or service
  • Physical Products | Services | Digital Products | Online Services
  • World leading payment gateway providers
  • Supply/Apply Demand for anyone
  • Partner program/White-label Scalable
  • Multi level Referral and Commission program

Blockchain Innovation by MUXE

Integrate Blockchain into your existing Business Case

Upscale the impact of your business model by simple integrations of Blockchain components that will drive the automation of your business to another level. Perform at high quality standards, allow enterprice-grade blockchain solutions to drive the success of your existing business model. Collaborate with experts that create new standards into the market. The expertise center of Blockchain and revolutionary partner in Blockchain integrated use-cases are associated through out the network of MUXE, CcS and CORE.

Unlock the possibility of unseen technology inside any type of  business segment. Blockchain has powerful capacities because it allows interaction while avoiding a central middleman in place. Verification processes, data management and encryption has just reached a whole other level. Get to learn further about the wide variety of modern blockchain technology that is integrated on top of a broad scope of different techniques and blockchain solutions.

Accelerating the power of the Blockchain at ultra speed.

Implementing the ultra speed driven solutions of Blockchain within MUXE and throughout CORE on top of the CcS Network by connecting to high-impact business cases. Blockchain use cases have drastically improved the speed of value transfer, data transfer via a peer to peer protocol and high end business cases that have automated verification processes ongoing.

Enchanting the Blockchain means one decides to store certain data on a multi-broad network rather then storing it on an internal network only. When you build your application to store its data on top of the blockchain information becomes more accessible to the users who are in need of the data at any time they may require. All though these parameters can be highly customised to meet the exact set of requirements one is looking for. Blockchain development can also be used for internal networking or localhost data structuring and is seen as a new solution for companies to connect their devices and company data via a peer to peer protocol instead.

Global Blockchain adoption will grow with leaders of engagement

Building your business case on top of the blockchain is more then enchanting your potential revenue or upscaling your business. It is key to manage strategic relationships and invest your time with key vendors in the market among them Digital Asset, Ethereum Alliance, Blockchain Luxembourg, Jp Morgan, Deloitte organisation.

Collaboration is the core of the blockchain and fundamental to what we do with CORE at MUXE. Setting up pairs between potential project founders, business owners, use case inventors, end user adopters and business case driven talents.  Bringing global talents together in the still fragile but rapidly fast growing market is were we are aiming to become a full stack partner in the block biz.

How is Data Driven on top of the Blockchain?

Watch this video by Syncfusion inc who have created this 3 minute video to explain this pretty well

Enchant your existing website with the possibilities of Blockchain

Data Management Solutions on the blockchain integrated in your existing website that runs on an open sourced framework? We provide that solution for you.Building comprehensive solutions on top of the most famous CMS systems among the world such as Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and other market leaders in the simplified web industry.

Integrate Blockchain into your existing Ecommerce Venture

Increase your revenue with at least 25% by accepting Cryptocurrencies as an acceptable payment method for your eCommerce business.

Since the beginning of the Bitcoin Virtuel currency around 2008/2010 the number of Blockchain wallets has been growing at a rapid speed nearly reaching around 35 million Blockchain based wallet addresses by the beginning of April 2019. As many know, blockchain was the technology that founded cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and became  extremely popular over the past 10 years and is one of the quickest growing markets ever seen since the Www. and Dotcom hype.

All though a hype is a hype the www. and Dotcom has never left our sight ever since and is still a daily growing market as of today. A "Block" refers to a record of an bitcoin that is available on the bitcoin network. There is no physical owner of the Bitcoin since the blockchain is the owner of the distributed funds globally.  Since it is extremely difficult to nearly impossible to alter the ownership records of a bitcoin holder/wallet address holder .



Opportunities in economics for the entire market

While financial services once were only available to a limited audience there is now the option to fully explore this and it allows anyone to build an cryptocurrency asset that understands the basic parameters of programming (All though this is just a matter of time before anyone could deploy a cryptocurrency without the need of less then two left mouse button clicks.

The financial aspects of the cryptocurrencies market are extremely market. Without the financial advantages of cryptocurrencies no one would have been interested in them. However since October 2018 more then 26 million Americans (which is 8% of all American people) own a few cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that America is one of the countries that is way less supportive of Cryptocurrenies and Blockchain as a majority of other countries. In europe people are very fanatic about the endless possibilities of Cryptocurrencies and there are ongoing speculations that within the Netherlands alone over 70% of all active companies are already exploring the full capacity of their business on the blockchain and in combination with their own digital cryptocurrency.

Economic opportunity for everyone Financial services once only for the select few are now open to all. Maker is an open platform that allows equal access to high quality financial services, including fair credit for everyone.

Blockchain and Cryptocoin integration development services by MUXE BV

Ethereum tokens are build on top of the Ethereum Network Protocol. ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. The majority of tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain are ERC-20 compliant. As of June 14, 2019, a total of 192,871 ERC-20 compatible tokens are found on Ethereum main network. Building an Currency on top of the Ethereum network is considered to be very efficient and an modern way of value transfering.

Hire MUXE BV to develop an ERC20 Token for your company or organisation.

Ethereum wallets are a software based storage solution for the storage of Ethereum or Ethereum  based tokens on top of the Ethereum Network Protocol. Most Ethereum wallets are able to storage all ERC-20 tokens but there are many Ethereum wallets that can only support 1 ERC20 currency and Ethereum itself which is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum Network. An Ethereum Wallet is connected with the Ethereum network via the Blockchain and therefor able to read Ethereum smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain which then allows to storage, review or send the tokens or Ethereum to another person who also has an Ethereum Wallet. The majority of token holders have a variety of Ethereum wallets that they are using to storage their Ethereum assets.

Hire MUXE BV to develop an Ethereum Wallet for your company or organisation.

Ethereum web wallets are a web based storage solution for the storage of Ethereum or Ethereum  based tokens on top of the Ethereum Network Protocol. Most Ethereum web wallets are secured via clientside encryption to temporarily storage the data on the serverside during an active session. This allows its users to safely login on the Ethereum Wallet without the Wallet Hoster to be able to decrypt the wallet of the wallet owner. This means that it will prevent users from a higher risk of exposing their assets to a third party. However this also means that once a user has lost their private key and additional security implementations that no one is able to retrieve this information since there was never any track record of the creation or login sessions of the account creation and connection without an one way encryption. An Ethereum Web Wallet is connected with the Ethereum network via the Blockchain and therefor able to read Ethereum smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain which then allows to storage, review or send the tokens or Ethereum to another person who also has an Ethereum Web Wallet. The majority of token holders have a variety of Ethereum Web wallets that they are using to storage their Ethereum assets.

Hire MUXE BV to develop an Ethereum Web Wallet for your company or organisation.

Ethereum Block Explorer are online blockchain browsers that are able to display the information of individual Ethereum blocks and transactions and the transaction histories and balances of addresses since the beginning of the Ethereum Network Protocol. Each action is displayed in an logical form, as a web page, and is given via a URL. By using hyperlinks, it allows users to switch from seeing one string of data to a another one that is associated, with a single click. Clicking on the hash of an transaction, will move to the page that displays its data. This way for instance, you can switch from looking at a transaction, to looking at the previous transaction which gave this transaction its inputs. All block data is visible, in an easy to understand readable or machine-readable forms, and even some information that is not actually part of blocks. It is mainly aimed at advanced users who already know what blocks are and what kind of information they contain, but a lot of helpful information is provided in tool-tips. A listing of "strange transactions" is displayed in the main page, along with listings of the latest and largest transactions.

Hire MUXE BV to develop an ERC20 Block Explorer for your company or organisation.

Paying with Cryptocurrencies is still rather new to most vendors and shoppers on the internet but will become the daily transaction solution for many in the future due to a massive adoption towards cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Since the majority of silicon valley based firms have also adopted this technology in their own ventures will mean that the majority of internet users will be using this modern solution in the near future.

Adapting to this with your business is a smart move and accepting Cryptocurrencies as a payment solution can be a great way to increase your business and shoppers audience since many internet users like to spent their cryptocurrency valuta for good products and services.

Hire MUXE BV to provide your cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Cryptocurrency Tipping is one of the bigger hypes in the crypto sphere were people are sharing cryptocurrencies among each other for all kinds of reasons. More and more users are picking up on this and a lot of great communities are existing due to the glorious moments that occur by Crypto Tipping within these groups. Having your cryptocurrency asset available on these tipping environments can be a great advantage.

List your cryptocurrency on the CcS Trade and Tip Bot

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are a fast growing industry and more and more companies are launching cryptocurrency exchanges to enjoy a piece of the pie of this exploding market. Launching a cryptocurrency exchange has many pro's and con's but most of the companies that have started within this industry do certainly not regret it. The fundamentals of an Cryptocurrency exchange is to exchange crypto valuta for other crypto valuta or FIAT valutas which could be Euro or United States Dollars. These Cryptocurrency exchanges are often acting as middlemen to put the Valuta of A to B while acting as C in between to deliver the funds from Party A to Party B.

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Blockexplorers can be seen as logbooks that display the transaction history of cryptocurrency valuta. The Blockexplorer will keep track of every transaction that has been made on a blockchain. For example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin will all have their own Blockexplorer for their own currencies. With MUXE Tokens we would use the Ethereum Blockexplorer because MUXE is an ERC20 Token. Blockexplorers keep track of activity within the Blockchain which functions as a Database which is not managed by a company or a single person but by all the users that participate in running the network.

Hire MUXE BV to Provide an BlockExplorer