Roadmap Summary 2018 |

The Roadmap of the MUXE, CORE and CcS products and services.

Roadmap in regards of MUXE B.V

Roadmap of 2018

Many great things has happened for the MUXE project during 2018. Establishing the business and introducing the brand was a very interesting journey.
Find a summary of our accomplishments of 2018 below to stay up to date with the MUXE business.

The project MUXE was founded this year (2018) and a vision has been planted. Creating a one stop shop for the world via an innovative platform that provides supply/apply demand for its users. Introducing the business model and building partnerships with reliable partners to realise the vision of the MUXE Project.

Create strong bonds with our seed investors and keep their interest and vision in mind to evolve the product over a period of time via several stages and to have a scalable product that can diverse into an unlimited amount of directions build on top of one global framework.

Continue to sell MUXE Tokens and create popularity among the token and the project and interact, connect and communicate with the community, build strong relations and expand the MUXE Team and community management group with people that commit, support, love and embrace the spirit of the project.

Create Showcases, prototypes and usecases and introduce these one by one to the community and network of MUXE to increase awareness of our brand, capacities and diversity of opportunities to involve and design within the ecosystem of the MUXE Currency.

Improve security issues and patches of all sorts of security layers and thought processes. Implement security solutions on a wide variety of directions to prevent attacks such as XSS Cross scripting, SQL Injections, Malware and Trojans, Shell Attacks, Overlay Implementations and a wide variety of other security layers. We believe that layers of security are the true solution to a safer environment for both ourself, our team as our community members and customers.

2018 was a year of many challenges for the MUXE project during this year alot of decisions were made in order to proceed the project in a scalable direction with a major focus on increasing the size of the community and usecases and community goals. Growing the name of the brand was without a doubt the biggest challenge for MUXE and finding true community support wasnt easy during the first 6 months of the project. During this period finding community members that were trully committed to the MUXE project was not easy in the beginning. At that point we envisioned a potential way of growing our self including our brand awareness by evolving our community into different niche markets and online platforms. We decided to be involved in the communication on these new platforms such as LoMoStar, Guildchat and Telegram. These decisions resulted in a great success were the community size started to grow from 2000 members to circa 7000 members. Among them a high number of involved community members that are now involved in MUXE chats, events and activities on a very frequent base.

Together with many of these community members more then 5 Community based voting competitions resulted in an amazing victory. When projects didnt shared with us what they had proposed to share with us the community raised their voice for the justice of MUXE and often with great results. MUXE is by many projects seen as an unpredictable project with a wide variety of aspects within its focus. This doesnt always make it easier for them to make a clear mind on the project of MUXE nor the potential of the project.

However one thing is always clear to these projects and that is the fact that there is a true spirit and passion within the community. Unlike most communities within the sphere it is always a happy place within the communities of MUXE. Creating bonds was certainly the true goal and achievement in 2018 and has allowed us to grow very far towards 2019. Most projects in didn't survive during 2018 majorly because of the fact that they were not able to grow their community to become an involved aspect of the success and vision of the project.

Fortunately at MUXE we have.


Great local meetups have occured during 2018 which has resulted in many great cross collaborations, partnerships, service providers/clients and future vendors for the CcS Marketplace platform. These meetups were often very important to determine important decisions, appropriate strategies and realising funds for the objective of the business.

  • 1 Establishing the website and branding process (end January 2018)
  • 2 Creating a community of followers and members
  • 3 Establish Newsletter medium for our investors
  • 4 Publication of the whitepaper V1.0
  • 5 Increase the reach/awareness of the MUXE project
  • 6 Search Engine Optimization for MUXE websites.
  • 7 Start the Development on the MUXE One stop platform
  • 8 Promote MUXE on Different Platforms
  • 9 List MUXE on ICO Calendars
  • 10 Release new MUXE video introduction clips
  • 11 Start MAIN ICO – 5 June
  • 12 Preparation for ICO Listing on selected exchanges (Sept)
  • 13 MUXE Platform development Alpha Period Setup
  • 14 Marketing Campaigns / Roadshow / Exposure/ Partnerships
  • 15 Additional preparations MUXE Token listings on Exchanges
  • 16 Local Marketing Campaigns in different countries Phase 1
  • 17 Improving security layers and implementations
  • 18 Create an Ecommerce gateway for the MUXE Tokens
  • 19 Transact the MUXE Tokens via a wide variety of 3rd parties
  • 20 Participating in Community Based Voting Competitions

Achievements of the MUXE Community during 2018

General Achievements of the MUXE Community during 2018

Starting the community building via the group: @MUXEBV  on Telegram and building it to what it is today was one of the greater challenges during 2018. In order to get true commitment from both investors that invested in the MUXE Project as new users who found our Telegram group via a variety of promotional campaigns such as our airdrop participants for example. Getting a true interaction with these users was always different but certainly without consistency During April/May 2018 we had encountered that it was time to get involved with the community. The founders of the project (Which are Jaimy de Vries, Justin Wilms and Patrick van Wanrooy) started to interact more intense inside the community starting May 2018 and a lot of great connections and bonds were made.

The real success of community involvement appeared to MUXE via the LoMoStar application. The MUXE Tokens were listed on LoMoStar since June 2018 and from thereon the founding members of MUXE had shift them self to the Social Media Application "LoMoStar" and started to interact and connect with thousands and thousands of new members. No other project had ever done before on LoMoStar is what we learned very shortly after and a majority of those members instantly had a strong connection with the MUXE project. This resulted in an amazing amount of dedication, passion and involvement through out the community and the MUXEBV Telegram group started to grow through this huge involvement of the community.

Many groups were created on LoMoStar which were either managed by the team or by new members that had decided to stick with MUXE towards the future. A lot of promotions, sponsoring events and support cases began to occur and MUXE was reaching the hearths of new members every day. A majority of these members were the true reason why MUXE was so strong during voting competitions for Exchange Listings during 2018.

Thanks to the heavily involved ambassadors and community leading members MUXE was able to play the voting competitions on a very intense scale. Participating in exchanges such as Shardax, Evimeria, CryptalDash and several other events was at some times an amazingly tough challenge but the members within the community were so dedicated and persistent that everyone was thinking of ways to ensure the victories that we were truthfully chasing.

At some times at such a competitive scale that a lot of other projects and groups started to talk and gossip about the level of tension that the MUXE Community was putting into it. Once the waves of the MUXE Community members started it was safe to say that it would continue for quite some time.

The results of the community since then has been an amazing journey. Working together with our community is something that we truly have learned and 2018 was an amazing year for the MUXE Community once we had figured how to approach and interact within the community of MUXE.

The first successful local MUXE Community @MUXESPAIN

The @MUXESPAIN community on Telegram was the first of its kind were a true family spirit had grown and which has lead to be an example in how to manage and run other community groups of MUXE. The Spanish team which are @Tonybenlozz and @Rubenl57 together with @Vane8 are  creating a huge movement inside the @MUXESPAIN group and have just started to use the Combot Telegram Bot to compete with social ranking groups. The goal is to be in the top 5 of the Spanish groups by 2019 (Achieved). A small group of 40 members is how the MUXESPAIN started to grow to one of the most active Telegram groups that exist in Spain. During 2018 it was able to grow to total of 200 members with an average of 20.000 to 50.000 messages per month. True friendship and life experience, advise and support are floating through the @MUXESPAIN Telegram group. One of the most active community members in the @MUXESPAIN group at 2018 was @LuisMe7 (Became a community team member in 2019). Luis played an important role in engaging with the great guys Tony and Ruben who have been the blessings from all MUXE communities and two true dedicated souls that have spent an amazing amount of their time with MUXE since then.

MUXE to 4000 members on Facebook during its first year

The first year of the MUXE Project growing on Facebook and Twitter wasnt the most practical task on the list. During 2018 a lot of multinationals werent very supportive of cryptocurrency or blockchain based projects so it was rather hard to get approvals in regards of promoting the MUXE business model on their platform.

We decided to focus elsewhere and get our community to sign up on our Facebook throughout our network internally. Thanks to the great dedication of some of our team members more and more of our  community members started to sign up on our Facebook and started to interact with our content. A total of about 4000 members have started to follow us on Facebook during 2018.

MUXE reached 3000 followers on Twitter during its first year

Working with MUXE on Twitter has always been a great pleasure. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is truly alive on the network of Twitter and the MUXE Project was no exception to that. We were able to grow to 3000 followers on Twitter during its first year and were very fortunate with some of the influencers that we have bonded with thanks to the network of Twitter.

The possibilities for cryptocurrency based projects on Twitter seem to be endless as there is a huge amount of interaction going on at twitter. The MUXE Project has found several reliable investors that became heavily involved in the project thanks to Twitter.

MUXE reached 8500 sign ups on our social media network MUXE ONLINE in 2018

Building the social media engine as a prototype on top of the CcS Engine has been a great success as the first 8500 generated registered sign ups have all joined thanks to MUXE.ONLINE A great amount of members are joining the new revolutionary multi cross connected social media engine that was build and introduced by MUXE BV.  Via a variety of promotional events, campaigns and recurring programs MUXE has been able to provide a great solutions to the members of MUXE.

A lot of members are sharing their experiences at the MUXE.ONLINE Social media engine instead of Facebook or Twitter because MUXE.ONLINE pays its users a piece of the pie via our point system. This makes MUXE.ONLINE an unique social media platform and users seem to love it.


MUXE has achieved many goals thanks to its community, especially during 2018 when MUXE was trying to find new solutions during the toughest times that Crypto had ever seen growing the community was very tough. The following victories and achievements were very important roles in the growth of the community and to the point were MUXE stands today as a project, foundation, organisation and global community.


MUXE has launched a variety of airdrop activities and giveaway events that allowed people to earn muxe tokens for their involvement in several activities and bounty campaigns. These MUXE tokens were first sent directly via the ethereum network protocol. However we soon realised that this method was not feasible so we explored a variety of options to sent cryptocurrency to users via different gateways and either offchain or sidechain technology in order to sent cryptocurrency tokens at a high speed without transaction fees in between.


When MUXE got contacted by LoMoStar in regards of a listing of the MUXE token on the LoMoStar Wallet System, Trading system and Internal Airdrop system a huge change occurred and our community was instantly growing. The more we interacted with the community and new users that signed up in our groups or participated in a variety of giveaways the more involvement and dedication as well as long term relationships have been realised. LoMoStar  has recently upgraded the functionality of the MUXE token and now support the Trading functionality Thanks to the shoutout of the community and proven survey of the T2T functionality.


Winning the Shardax Voting Competition was very important and it meant a lot to the community of MUXE. At this point many of us learned that MUXE wasnt just another ordinary project in the cryptosphere. MUXE is a true "Family Come Home" style community which is a place for everyone. The community members have since the Shardax Competition become a huge team of people that do everything in their own unique ways and powers to help MUXE succeed. Without the voting competition of Shardax this would not have been possible.


Participating in the CryptalDash Voting Competition Event was a lot of fun. The voting competition of CryptalDash was a complete different experience from any other voting competition we had been involved in and a lot of the MUXE ONLINE TAG TEAM COMPETITION was inspired by the CryptalDash voting competition event. MUXE was able to win because our team and community were very persistent on winning this especially after we had lost the first round of the Shardax Voting Competition by a hand full of votes. (Which fortunately we were able to win the second attempt which was the 4th and final voting competition round on Shardax).


The most important voting competition that we have participated in was the Evimeria Voting Competition. A cryptocurrency exchange project which was founded in the Netherlands which is the same country were MUXE BV is founded. The collaboration with Evimeria has been great so far and the cryptocurrency exchange that Evimeria is working on is a great and true potential. MUXE BV was able to win the voting competition and also support LoMoStar during their voting competition to help the LMC Coin to win in the voting competition at Evimeria aswell.


Guildchat is one of the first Cryptocurrency social sharing wallet applications that allows its users to store their cryptocurrencies on a decentral wallet which means that users can withdraw their funds at anytime without a third party being able to stop them from this procedure. During October/November of 2018 the MUXE Tokens had entered the world of Guildchat and have since then been spread among many members on the network. About 1000 new members have become an follower of the MUXE Project and owner of MUXE Tokens thanks to Guildchat.

The first release of the MUXE SearchSeries

During September 2018 we introduced the SearchSeries of MUXE as a new innovative way of searching on the web more efficiently by limiting search results.

SearchEstate the innovative search engine for all your Real Estate Needs

Introduced in 2018: SearchEstate is the innovative search engine for all your real estate needs created by MUXE. Whether you are looking to rent, buy a new home or to find the latest market updates in the real estate industry you can find it all on SearchEstate.

We are only adding the industry’s notable professional real estate websites to the engine so as to ensure the best relevant search results for our users. The SearchEstate currently provides 3 ways of searching; that is by Web results, Photos and Videos.

Our team will constantly improve and bring you latest real estate industries’ market news and updates. We hope you can help us to share Search Estate and MUXE with those who you think will benefit and gain from our MUXE professional community. Do contact us should you have any proposals for collaboration in our MUXE real estate industry.

Search for professional Services via SearchProfession

SearchProfession is the innovative search engine for all your professional services created by MUXE. Whether you are looking to hire a professional, provide professional services or find a new career you can find it all on SearchProfession.

We are only adding the industry’s notable professional services directory websites to the engine so as to ensure the best relevant search results for our users. The SearchProfession currently provides 3 ways of searching; that is by Web results, Photos and Videos.

Our team will constantly improve and bring you latest professional industries’ market news and updates. We hope you can help us to share SearchProfession and MUXE with those who you think will benefit and gain from our MUXE professional community. Do contact us should you have any proposals for collaboration in our MUXE Professional Services industry.

Search Maintenance contractors via SearchMaintenance

SearchMaintenance is the innovative search engine for all your handyman requirements created by MUXE. Whether you are looking to hire a painter, plumber, pest-control organisation or cleaning service you can find it all on SearchMaintenance.

We are only adding the industry’s notable professional Maintenance directories to the engine so as to ensure the best relevant search results for our users. The SearchMaintenance currently provides 3 ways of searching; that is by Web results, Photos and Videos.

Our team will constantly improve and bring you latest maintenance industries’ market news and updates. We hope you can help us to share SearchMaintenance and MUXE with those who you think will benefit and gain from our MUXE professional community. Do contact us should you have any proposals for collaboration in our MUXE Maintenance industry.

2018 was a great year for MUXE and great steps have been made to get closer to our goals.