Roadmap Summary 2019 |

The Roadmap of the MUXE, CORE and CcS products and services.

Roadmap in regards of MUXE B.V

Roadmap of 2019

Building the platform is the true focus of the MUXE Project since the beginning of 2019.
Building our project and growing it into our community has been an spectacular journey and several pieces of the pie are starting to connect nicely.

The business model of MUXE has diversed in a variety of fields that were essential to the future of the MUXE Project. We have been able to introduce a variety of products that are related to the ecosystem of the MUXE Project. During several local meetups in 2019 we have prioritized the importance of our business model and improved our focus and dedication to the most essential directions of the project. Our major focus is in regards of our marketplace which is the center piece of our business.

The Marketplace which is currently introduced in its pilot phase via our prototype: MUXE MARKET can already be used by vendors to introduce their products and services. Aside of the marketplace CORE BROWSER and CORE MOBILE were developed and introduced as a bundle of all products and services that are provided by MUXE BV.

Both CORE BROWSER and CORE MOBILE are part of the MUXE ECOSYSTEM and combine the products and services that are provided by MUXE BV. These applications include the framework of Cryptocoinstart, the CcS Marketplace, the Social Media Networking Platform, The SearchSeries and the MUXE Toolkit. These tools are essentially combined into one major application for both desktop and mobile. Our users have experienced it as an useful tool.

Moving forward the functionalities of the marketplace will be prioritized and the majority of our development team is now focused on the Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform (CcS Marketplace).Β  These updates will have a tremendous impact on the current stageΒ  of the marketplace and will reveal great abilities for both vendors and spenders.

The Marketplace will have a referral/rewarding system that allows everyone that has been involved in a sale one way or another to earn a piece of the pay. This means that someone that has shared the link of a product/service internally on either our network or the worldwide web that they will automatically earn a little bit when someone purchases the product/service due to their involvement in between.

The first Community events in regards of the MUXE MARKET have recently began and we are now open for vendors to sign up on our platform. Since we are still in our pilot phase there might still occur some technical habits unfortunately all though our development team is working on it 24/7.

Moving towards 2020 we hope to introduce the products and services of 100/200 vendors available on the marketplace.

Moving towards 2020 many things have been achieved so far and our goals are getting much closer compared to 2018. We have been able to introduce the pilot MVP of our business and we have been able to get an amazing amount of interaction of our community. The most important accomplishment of 2019 so far has been progress on both our FIAT Transaction Split Solution andΒ  the CcS CryptoTransact solution which will allow users to split cryptocurrencies among each other on our platform but also pay for products and services that accept these currencies as either a full or partial payment solution.

Building demand for tokens among them the MUXE Token and generating a successful amount of inquiries for our vendors are the primary aspects of our business and the ultimate goal of our platform. The goal to market our marketplace correctly is very important and the first achievement is that the entire founding board is clear on the direction of how we the marketplace should be introduced into the market. CcS Marketplace allows you to buy and sell products or services with FIAT or Crypto.Β 

Another great achievement of 2019 is the partnership that we have been able to realise with the Parjar company their Telegram Tipping Bot has allowed the MUXE Tokens to be tipped with other users on Telegram. This has done great things for the MUXE project and the interaction of the MUXE token within Telegram has grown alot among many new users.

Many cryptocurrency based Telegram groups have started to promote the MUXE Project and Token and several new investors have joined the MUXE Families to be a part of the journey for a longtime. Thanks to the parjar bot a lot of new social interaction has occurred in many of our groups.

The @muxespain group has reached the 4th position of all Spanish groups on Telegram that are using Combot. This is an amazing achievement and the spanish members of MUXE are very proud with this achievement. Another amazing group that is doing very well within Combot isΒ  @muxeindonesia which is currently positioned number 8th of all Indonesian groups on Telegram (13-07-2019).

During 2019 a lot of great meetups have happened and a lot of future business has been driven during these meetups. With a great vision in mind and the right people at the front, everything becomes possible. These amazing meetups have helped a lot in regards of the project, business and platform structure.

Successfull meeting with CryptoProfile & Asia Blockchain Industry Institute in Singapore
Meeting at the office of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute
Meeting about CryptoProfile Partnership + Introduction of the CcS Marketplace business strategy and roadmap
Founders of MUXE BV & CryptoProfile meeting together in Singapore
Jaimy de Vries and Max NG meeting in Singapore
Max Ng, Justin Wilms & Jaimy de Vries discussing future collaborations at VIP Location Roofbar on Floor 63
Jaimy de Vries founder of MUXE BV In Singapore
Jaimy de Vries in front of the Crypto City of the world
Discussing future collaborations between the 3 projects
Meetup with Nick Sun in regards of the MUXE Project
Preparing a mind-map to prioritize the products and services
Finalizing the scope of the business strategy
Completing the hierarchy flow charts + preparation for execution
Casual Meetup + introduction of MUXE
Successful dinner after discussions about MUXE in Malaysia
Great dinner meetup + introducing MUXE
Casual meetup + introduction of the MUXE Products
Casual meetup and talking about the MUXE business
Casual meetup talking about the MUXE Business
Talking about real estate opportunities in Jakarta
Talking about real estate opportunities in Jakarta
  • 1 Releasing the MUXE ONLINE Prototype
  • 2 Introducing the MUXE ONLINE prototype to the community
  • 3 Releasing the MUXE MARKET Pilot Period
  • 4 Preparing final layout structure of the Marketplace
  • 5 Introducing CORE Made Simple
  • 6 Introduce CORE Webbrowser
  • 7 Introducing CORE MOBILE
  • 8 Rebranded the SearSeries to CORE EXPLORE
  • 9 Introduce MUXE Toolbox
  • 10 Release MUXE TV pilot release
  • 11 Launch CORE CloudSpace Pilot period
  • 12 Update the CORE EXPLORE/SearchSeries
  • 13 Introduce
  • 14 Create CcS White-label prototypes
  • 15 Introduce the FIAT Split Payment Gateway to MUXE MARKET
  • 16 Updating MUXE ONLINE With Social Rewarding System
  • 17 Updating MUXE ONLINE Social Functionalities
  • 18 Updating MUXE ONLINE with Activities and Games System
  • 19 Create CcS CryptoTransact Gateway
  • 20 Integrate CcS CryptoTransact in CcS Marketplace
  • 21 Releasing our own Blockchain
  • 22 Creating an network of nodes
  • 23 Promoting our blockchain network to the community
  • 24 Creating a cryptocurrency tipping environment
  • 25 Creating a cryptocurrency multi-asset wallet environment
  • 26 Building an gateway to CcS Marketplace for CcS-Transact
  • 27 Building an gateway to Telegram for CcS-Transact
  • 28 Building an gateway to Telegram for CcS-Transact
  • 29 Building an gateway to MUXE ONLINE for CcS-Transact
  • 30 Introducing the CcS Marketplace to vendors
  • 31 Introducing a reward system for Vendors and Spenders
  • 32 Providing a demand for airdrop cryptocurrencies

Achievements of the MUXE Community during 2019

General Achievements of the MUXE Community during 2019

The MUXE communities are growing rapidly fast and many people are starting to create new friendships within the communities of MUXE. Since MUXE has partnered with the Parjar cryptocurrency tipping wallet on Telegram many new members are now around in the communities on a daily basis. Many of these new members are also signing up on our social media networking platform.

The social involvement of the community is making a great difference towards the approach of vendors and business owners. Especially introducing them to the marketplace that allows them to list their goods and services on our Prototype marketplace "MUXE MARKET". This year weΒ  have finally introduce the prototype of the marketplace to familiarize the community with the platform that we have been working on.

The Parjar tipping bot has allowed to grow the MUXE Token into many different directions and to introduce the MUXE Token and project to thousands and thousands of new users who are very involved and very dedicated to obtain and hold (hodl) the MUXE tokens. This collaboration comes with many benefits for MUXE and has also inspired us to build the CcS Transact Bot. The potential of Tipping Bots have proven themself and MUXE shall be participating with their own Tipping Solution via CcS Transact. CcS Transact will become available on both the products of MUXE as will be integrated in existing softwares such as Telegram, Discord and other social interaction platforms.

Its also nice to point out that several vendors and business owners have started to include the MUXE brand one way or another into their existing business. Several clothing and other merchandising products have been branding their goods with the MUXE logo since the community is showing great interest in MUXE Merchandised products and services.

MUXE SPAIN reached the 3rd position on Telegram Combot Ranking Lists in Spain

MUXE SPAIN continues to show remarkable results in terms of the adoption of MUXE. Tanks to the involvement of Tipping Bots such as Parjar have been a game changer that contributed a lot in terms of spreading the brand and token among other communities which reflects on the massive activity that is taking place day after day on different muxe communities, but more importantly in Muxe Spain.

That's one of the main reasons Muxe Spain has grown so drastically until reaching the top 3 telegram Spanish Groups according to Combot's stats. Another important highlight is the rising awareness of the community towards the Muxe Token, having Ruben and I witnessed how many users not only trade other tokens for muxe and viceversa, but they also have a preference towards Muxe Cryptocurrency.

MUXE to 5500 members on Facebook during its second year

MUXE has reached an additional 2000 members on Facebook so far and the amount of new followers are growing every day. Building our communities we have decided that organic growth is the type of growth that we want to focus on since the results of these new followers are simply amazing and the conversion-rate of these new followers are tremendous.

Moving forward our Facebook page will be restructured and its components will be more involved on our website. This will allow our facebook users to connect even better with the MUXE brand. Our goal towards 2020 is to reach 10.000 organic followers on our Facebook page. Even though this will be a tough challenge we have several strategies planned to reach our audience more efficiently.

MUXE reached 6000 followers on Twitter during its second year

Twitter has been the place to be in the worlds of Crypto and many of our true followers have supported us a lot thanks to Twitter we are always able to reach our followers efficiently. During 2018 we were able to reach about 3000 followers on Twitter and so far during 2019 we have reached an additional 3000 members meaning that we have now 6000 organic followers on our Twitter page.

Twitter has been an active platform to discuss the potential of cryptocurrencies and MUXE has been trying to get involved on the platform of Twitter more efficiently. Moving forward we will consider any possibility to increase our awareness via Twitter. Our goals and objectives are to have an organic growth from top to bottom. We rather have a little amount of followers that will be truly involved in our brand and vision then many followers who arent interested in our products and services.

Reaching this goal will require us to improve our social interaction with Twitter. Moving forward our website will have new functionalities to interact with Twitter more efficiently.

MUXE reached 11000 sign ups on our social media network MUXE ONLINE during 2019

MUXE ONLINE has gone through many updates and new implementations in order to grow to a flexible and scale-able social media platform. Users on the platform of MUXE ONLINE will now be able to buy and sell anything, play games, watch videos and share their activities in very creative and unique ways. Interaction with other users is the key essence of the platform and those that truly interact with each other will be rewarded on MUXE ONLINE with MUXE Tokens via our Social Points System that tracks the online activities of users on the platform.

Every post currently equals 25 points and every 1000 points currently equal $1 in MUXE Tokens. This means that those that decide to go to instead of facebook will receive a nice reward in return for their presence on our platform. In the near future these muxe tokens will be able to purchase goods and services on the MUXE MARKET Platform.

Moving forward MUXE is expecting to grow to an audience of 20.000 organic members that will use our platform on a very frequent basis.

MUXE has achieved many goals thanks to its community, especially during 2018 when MUXE was trying to find new solutions during the toughest times that Crypto had ever seen growing the community was very tough. The following victories and achievements were very important roles in the growth of the community and to the point were MUXE stands today as a project, foundation, organisation and global community.


MUXE has been added to the Etherflyer exchange which is a great accomplishment for the growth and adoption of the MUXE Tokens. Etherflyer is among the leading exchanges and is listed on the rankinglist of CoinMarketCap. MUXE is also listed under the unverified markets at EtherFlyer their CoinMarketCap Page Listing. Thanks to Etherflyer we have reached our first steps to CoinMarketCap. We hope to grow from hereon and to achieve an verified listing at CoinMarketCap in the near future.


Since MUXE has been listed on Idex the growth of the token adoption and success of MUXE has gone much further. Being listed on Idex has been an important achievement especially since IDEX is a top 100 cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap (On and off). Thanks to Idex MUXE has been able to provide its users with a safe way to transfer their funds and trade them efficiently and safe via the Idex.Market platform


For the past 6 months MUXE and CryptoProfile have gotten a lot closer and started to work together and see how we could support each other efficiently. MUXE has become a service provider of CryptoProfile and CryptoProfile is providing the services of MUXE to its clients and partners. This allows both projects to grow at an amazing speed. Both MUXE and CryptoProfile have their own qualities and expertise but most important a great and trustworthy relationship that has grown to a great friendship.


CORE Made Simple is an innovative technology build by the company CORE Business Development B.V which is another division created by the people at MUXE. CORE Made Simple is a technology based company and builds softwares and mobile apps for both companies and end users. The capacity of the CORE Framework is an high end scaleable solution and an innovation in the market. All MUXE Products and Services are completely integrated in the CORE Made Simple Softwares.


When MUXE got listed on LoMoStar it didnt originally receive the T2T trading functionality on the application. Users were able to share MUXE together among each other but they werent able to trade MUXE Tokens with each other. The community members of LoMoStar really wanted to see the MUXE Tokens to become available on the LoMoStar App so they did massive shout outs and name changing to aware the team behind LoMoStar of their request. LoMoStar provided a survey campaign to evaluate the demand of the MUXE Tokens and the rest is history.


Parjar has provided MUXE with something that we were searching for a very long time. An amazing flexible tipping solution across the network of Telegram. Being able to share MUXE tokens with anyone directly via Telegram is simply amazing, the possibilities of day to day interaction with community members has gone through the roof thanks to the technology of Parjar. Beside the fact that we get to socially reward all our active community members MUXE tokens are now also available on many other Telegram groups that have the Parjar Bot installed.

The introduction of 4 products

During 2019 MUXE B.V was able to release several pilots of our products and services that are part of the future vision and ecosystem of MUXE.

CcS Marketplace / MUXE MARKET

What is the CcS Marketplace?
The Cryptocoin Start (CcS) Marketplace is the global vendor marketplace developed by MUXE B.V. The CcS Marketplace is the most important valued aspect of the MUXE Project and is the most scaleable Marketplace engine that was built within the CcS Content Management System (CMS).

More specifically, the CcS Marketplace is the Global Branded Version of our Marketplace and allows other markets to be connected on top of it such as MUXE MARKET.
Services like,, and other similar Networks are also built on top of the CcS CMS, and are therefore completely cross-compatible with the CcS Marketplace and CcS Social Network.

CORE Browser/Mobile

Core made simple, The down to Earth browser with a touch of the future

MUXE Core Browser is a one of a kind web browser designed specifically with the needs of today’s common and digitally nomadic users in mind. With integrated high-end scaleable functionalities, Core Browser offers a host of integrated tools, features and applications to provide you with a remarkable web browsing experience.

Whilst the CORE Desktop version of CORE Browser is considered the comprehensive solution to the need for a powerful and innovative desktop workspace, CORE Mobile has been specifically designed to make available as many of these products and services within the palm of your hand.



MUXE ONLINE is the social media networking platform built by MUXE B.V on top of the CcS Framework. MUXE ONLINE has been created to operate in complete synchronicity with all social media networks that are connected via the CcS Network Framework.

MUXE ONLINE offers a wide variety of unique features such as combining a social media experience with built in entertainment experience and useful services such as: MUXE TV, MUXE GLOBAL, MUXE TOOLKIT, MUXE SearchSeries and other MUXE related niches.


MUXE Media TV Channel is the innovative video streaming feed provided exclusively by MUXE B.V. It offers engaging 24/7 video entertainment and features the latest content in music, art, film, gaming, travel, technology and so much more – all inspired by the latest articles, stories and documentaries.

MUXE Media TV was made as an alternative platform with a primary focus on emerging content creators, professional or not, to share and spread their content beyond mainstream platforms. With the viewership of the wider MUXE Project community in mind, it provides a unique platform and supportive opportunity for any of the content creators that partner us to broadcast their creations to alternative audiences for increased promotion and publicity, whilst delivering consistent on demand streaming entertainment to its users.

Focusing on the expansion of our products and services 2019 has been a great road so far.
With several months more to go we have some great additions planned to expand our products and services drastically.