Down to Earth Browsing

With a touch of the future

A superior vision by MUXE BV

Enlighten the possibilities of an unreal experience


is a powerfull web browser with unique user features

The vision of CORE is completely based on a long-term concept which was originated by Jaimy de Vries. The CORE Browser was build to make the live of its users easier and to allow these users to interact with the best possible tools and widgets that other worldwide known browsers haven't supported until this very day.

Jaimy de Vries (Founder of MUXE BV) has been an visionary person since a young age and has since then fantasized  about the perfect navigation tool that goes 3 steps further then just navigating/browsing through the internet. The CORE Browser is special in that sense and was made to set an example for the future of user optimised experience potential.

The reason why a lot of browsers fall into the same pattern is because nearly all major browsers have the same approach towards the principles of browsing the internet.

Why should we pay for freedom?

If we call it freedom to begin with!


is the bridge toward a new beginning for humans and machines

One of the important aspects of building CORE was to keep in mind the endless possibilities of the word "freedom". The word Freedom is often being used however hardly being applied. Jaimy de Vries has had a world changing concept in mind for the CORE Browser for a long time.

The first step of realizing the the bridge to freedom was to prepare an amazing framework of an amazing existing web browser fork that was initially developed and founded by an amazing developer which goes by the name "Eryk Rakowski" who is the original founder of the web browser "Wexond" another unique vision with a complete unique and unseen approach.

Jaimy de Vries had done his research and studied over 50 web browsers of which 35 were open sourced fork-able.  The framework of Wexond, which uses the API of Google Chrome to browse the web soon became the new underground for components of the MUXE PROJECT.

Jaimy de Vries started to conceptualise the vision of the CORE Browser and eventually shaped the browser with a variety amount of amazing developers from Europe. This resulted in a great collaboration with amazing development speed as CORE her first lines of codes were written on "06-02-2019".

Which is exactly one year, one month and one day later after the MUXE PROJECT was originally founded "05-01-2018". All components of the MUXE PROJECT that were created during this first 12 months were also integrated inside the CORE browser. However the most important aspect of the CORE Browser is the MUXE TOOLKIT which is a complete unique user friendly interface inside the CORE Browser.

If you thought that you still need to pay for amazing tools, useful widgets, life improvements via technology or additional  resources then you are completely wrong. MUXE BV has found a way to introduce the world to a complete new solution were everything you are in need of no longer needs to be based on a payment based or subscription based product/service.

In fact we are certain that the CORE Browser is the only browser that is 100% user friendly in every aspect that you can think of. Beside its amazing clean user interface it does not track its users in any ways. Another amazing benefit of the CORE Browser is that its prepacked with the CORE CloudSpace services which means that CORE is now officially the first web browser to support a native button to access cloud storage for those that are in need of a quick solution to drop in files and sent it to their friends, family or their own devices.

Some users have been asking do we really need to improve the way a web browser is functioning today? Is there a need to optimise what we are currently being given? Dont we have enough web browsers on the internet already while we can only use one of them to become most efficient to us?

CORE Is aiming to become that most efficient web browsers because it has a primary focus on what users are looking for and what they will start demanding knowing that the internet is becoming bigger and bigger every day.


Down to Earth Browsing

With a touch of the future