Executive summary of project West Java

By building ground and building quality apartments in West Java we are contributing to improve a safer and healthier environment in West Java. Thousands of people from small villages are suffering from lack of a safe and healthy environment.

Traditional villages in Indonesia are not always up to the standards to pass a safe and healthy environment for the people who live there. By building a Prototype of the MUXE Ecosystem in West Java we believe that we can make a difference where people need it the most.

What MUXE is hoping to achieve in West Java

MUXE is planning to provide a secure and stable framework by providing the resources and infrastructure that are needed to improve the living standards that people from smaller villages in west java are in need of.

Many people that live in small villages in West Java often need to leave their families behind to find an income in cities that are often far away. MUXE is planning to provide an ecosystem wrapped on a modern and stable framework allowing more people to earn a living directly from their homes.

Improving the living conditions in west java

MUXE is planning to lay its first focus on the area Kuningan, Kuningan is a town and district located in eastern West Java, Indonesia, between Cirebon and Tasikmalaya, about 200 km east of Jakarta. It is the administrative center of Kuningan Regency. The district is located east of Mount Cereme/Ciremai, the highest mountain in West Java.

We are planning to improve a variety of aspects such as house improving, providing new apartments, Creating a public space education center with access to computers, stable wifi, beverages and more. Preparing the millennials how to work with computers and prepare a living directly through out their village.

Implementing Blockchain & Cryptocurrency in West Java

By implementing an infrastructure that allows the villagers to use Blockchain and Cryptocurrency we are providing modern solutions for villagers to earn a living and pay up to 60% of their living expenses such as rent in a muxe residence or purchasing daily products in the Muxe Wall that can be purchased directly via your CcS Card.

Via our educational center both kids and grown ups can collect cryptocurrency as a reward for both learning as completing community tasks or taking online working-shifts to earn a living more easily while being close to their families. MUXE is starting with one prototype in West Java Kuningan but is planning to expand to multiple villages based on the success of our prototype.

Fundraising for our goals to improve living conditions in West Java

Some of our sponsors are investing multiple batches of money or products to the Fundraise event of MUXE. We are organizing a new way of fundraising with a high variety of participation methods. MUXE BV is also donating money and tokens to the West Java Prototype.

A documentary about building the MUXE Prototype in West Java

We are planning to document and showcase the entire process of building the MUXE Prototype in Westjava from buying the ground to building the apartments to implementing the blockchain technology and providing a new source of income to locals. 

Some of the advantages

  • Implementing Blockchain to provide a source of income
  • Contributing to local communities via MUXE Tokens

The Ecosystem of MUXE in West Java in 60 seconds