Donate 5$ to MUXE




    • We will use your donated money to expand our web servers, website capacity/features, API usage of world leading providers and the development of our cryptocurrency/blockchain components such as wallets, for both mobile and desktop.

    • We also will use your donated money to expand the reach of our Marketing & Advertisement team which will mean that we will attract more customers that are already interested in the niches that we are operating in. This will allow us to create more awareness and most importantly create new business out of your donations.

    • We will also use your donated money to improve our development team, which is something that we are always trying to expand. In our opinion the future of crypto and blockchain is in the hands of the capacity of developers and over time we are taking careful decisions to expand our development team with developers that truly believe in the vision of MUXE.

    • We will also use your donated money to establish new innovations that the community is truly asking us to create. We believe that building for our community is building our community and therefor we try to see how we can squeeze in as much details that our community are providing us with and to make sure that it fits within the ecosystem of MUXE.