MUXE Support Service

The support team makes every effort in assisting clients as well as the MUXE community. The staff does their utmost to respond to inquiries within 24 hours. They also provide transaction support, content creation, advertising, website updates, process improvements, payment processing, strategy, company structure and policies, legal, partnerships, etc.

Since the start of MUXE B.V., the support staff has had delegated responsibilities among each other as well as focus on company management. The MUXE support staff has various backgrounds: Finance, investment, marketing, coding, programming, entrepreneurship, software development and contingent workers with various types of experience. The support staff answers questions through our ticket system, the chat boxes or the most commonly used one, the community chat Telegram.

We are also providing the technical knowledge to build our business. Our sales and support staff are lead by two team members, our finances are handled by our finance division and our intern handles the daily interactions and content creation. The support staff consists of highly skilled members dedicated to improving MUXE B.V. and all the projects that will follow.

In case you haven't searched through our Support Knowledge Database yet we like to invite you to do so. Our Support Knowledge Database is constantly updated to ensure you to be informed wit the correct information at all time.

Types of Support