Please be extremely careful for online scams such as impersonation, phishing or false promises.

Lets protect the world from scammers together!

The past few decades a tremendous change has occurred when it comes to the internet, the internet is an amazing place with wonderful attributes when it comes to sharing, learning, engaging and experiencing.

But the Internet is also a harmful place that from time to time may get dangerous. If you arent aware of what you are doing and take good precautions then you might find yourself to be a victim of online scammers sooner or later.

At MUXE BV we are always concerned that our customers, clients and community members become a victim of scam by fraud, impersonations or other violent/dangerous threats. We have dedicated our time to create a self learning center when it comes to helping users preventing to be lured by online scammers.

Jaimy de Vries [ Founder and Ceo of MUXE BV ] has recently spoken about the threats of online scams and has also mentioned that the internet is currently like the wild wild west knowing that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are on the rise.

The MUXE Brand and team have had multiple incidents when it came to brand and person impersonation.

In case you come across a potential online scam or impersonation of the MUXE Brand or representatives then please dont hesitate to fill out the "Scam Alert" form  and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Online Scam FAQ

Scammers most often send messages to individuals or companies via social media or phising methods pretending to be someone from our organisation. They are often attempting to extract personal data or virtual money from our team members.

It has also happened that the name of Founder / Ceo "Jaimy de Vries" has been falsely endorsed in several attempts to scam people.

Over the past few years we have had to deal with tens to hundreds of situations that indicated attempts of scamming through the name of our organisation. In some of these scenarios we have filed a police report, however it is unfortunately very hard to fight cyber crime and in most cases the police cannot provide the help that is needed.

In order to protect yourself on the internet aswell as securing your MUXE, CcS and CORE Products we advise you to study our Online Scam Knowledge base a little further. We are aware of the high amount of ongoing issues on the internet and we truly want to contribute to the safety and protection of our followers.

Co founder Justin Wilms has came accross thousands of suspicious activity on the CcS Tip and Trade Gateway and since then we have done a lot of research, improving and prevention to protect potential victims from these kind of activities.

We often believe or want to belive that the Internet is a safe place where you can't fall for all types of scams. However, these days millions of scammers are attempting to steal from their victims via the internet.

Humans are an easy target for malicious actors who want to steal your most valuable personal data. Criminal minds reach much further then they did before and via social media the access to our private lives, homes, offices and other vulernable weakspots are easily targtable for online cyber criminals.

Our team is continuesly trying to prevent scammers from harming our community members. But you can help us by reporting scammers to us directly via the form below. Scammers on the internet will not disappear but together we can make the internet and MUXE Ecosystem a safer environment.

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